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Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 35

December 9th, 2011

Tim: Seems like a good topic for this chilly week in December — some fun advertising from Columbia Sportswear featuring Wim Hof, the Legendary Iceman.

Jason: With Winter’s Chill firmly established Spike is thrilled to see a new ice skating rink set up in one of Seattle’s coolest neighborhoods… Capitol Hill

Gary G: Spike likes getting together with old friends, like at the Cole & Weber 80th Anniversary Party (left to right: Gary Graf, Christina Conte, Chuck Pennington, Steve Johnson, Peter Richards)

Kristen: My all-time favorite Christmas movie… Christmas Vacation! It never gets old :)

Rachel: I like getting in the holiday spirit! We got all of our Christmas lights up on our house, and our tree decorated. Next up for me is some holiday baking. Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Tiffany: “Exploration is not a choice, really; it’s an imperative” – Michael Collins
My spike like’s this week is the Nasa Kepler Mission. In the past few months Kepler has discovered a Earth-like planet in the “habitable” zone of a star and a Tatooine planet with 2 suns. So far the Kepler telescope has spotted 2,326 candidate planets outside our solar system with 139 of them potentially habitable ones.

Natasha: Old song by N Sync but I love it for the holidays!