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Spike Likes Fridays, Vol 42

April 20th, 2012

Though it was a busy week, the Spikesters still found time to find some new, innovative campaigns along with some promising statistics regarding the future of B2B marketing and interactive media.

Kristen – Mohawk unveils new logo and unique brand vision animation.

Gary – While extremely partial to all things Macintosh, Spike is interested in the fact that Microsoft plans to take a big bite out of Apple.

Rachel – It’s always interesting to see how marketing budgets are changing each year. eMarketer projects that in the U.S. market, advertisers will increase video ad spend by 54.7 percent and increase investment in standard banners by nearly 20 percent. Research shows that people exposed to banners that included online video were about 5.6 times as likely to visit a marketer’s site as those exposed to standard banners. It will be interesting to see how online advertising changes this year, in light of these projections.

Martin – Here’s an interesting site for an architectural firm in Poland. I don’t usually like sites that have strange navigation, but for the kind of firm they are and the execution, I think this one really works.

Tiffany – Cool awareness campaign mixing the new with the old…

Patty – As a youngster, it’s really interesting to see businesses creep into the social media world (or vice versa). It looks like even B2B marketers are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and Pinterest.

Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 41

April 6th, 2012

Spike had quite a week in the first week of April – celebrating Spring with Google’s newest accessory and the biggest trick in skateboarding history.


Martin: This commercial, created by Microsoft to poke fun at themselves, is a great example of why less is more.

Rachel: I always enjoy seeing clever campaigns, particularly social media. Here are a few samplings of some interesting uses of location and social media-based campaigns.

Patty, Tiffany & Gina: Google’s concept for new innovative eye-ware takes us just one step closer to world overrun by robots. Tiffany would even start wearing glasses again for these. But Gina wonders if Google is taking technology too far.

Christian: Awesome clip of the world’s first 1080 on a skate ramp. Oh yea, the skater is a 12 YEAR OLD KID!!

Gary: Spike and his colleagues dig the wood-fired, mouth-watering, pizza pies of perfection served at Bar del Corso.

Willem: A Stop-Motion-Film, inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s short story “the old man and the sea.”