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Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 61

February 8th, 2013

Spikesters found an abundance of articles and videos that give insight into the design, strategy and implementation of B2B marketing.

Kristen Roe: Often times, a company’s home page is the first thing that customers and prospects see. Within the first glance, audiences will decide if the site is one they’d like to stay on or move on from. A company’s web design communicates their value to customers; here are 7 must have design elements for a website to make a positive impression.

Christian Halsell: Don’t think you have the resources to keep a blog up and running? A lot of companies are having a similar problem. Not everyone needs to maintain a blog to reach out to their customers and their community. Here are a few ways to create and share content without the time commitment of a blog.

Tiffany Stone: The Superbowl is famous for holding the best commercial spots – millions of people watching, expecting the best ads of the year. Millions of dollars are spent on research, filming, guest stars and 30 seconds of airtime. Adobe Systems demonstrates the importance of online advertising which is free and reaches a larger audience.

Patricia Marr: Numbers grab attention and are helpful in discovering what’s important for businesses to invest in and look forward to in the future. Earnest Agency shared a video that presents important B2B statistics in an engaging format for marketers.

Laura Lundberg: B2B marketing can sometimes be tricky – especially in the digital age. Knowing where B2B buyers find out about you and how they remember you is important. Sometimes it takes a bit of tinkering to find the best plan for you, and experimenting with your social media and digital footprint is always a good course of action.

Spike Likes Fridays Vol. 58

December 21st, 2012

As the year comes to a close and we look for ways to improve in 2013, Spikesters found tips on how to tweet, how to design and how to send out emails like a pro.

Christian Halsell: Apple has come up with some of the most innovative and eye-catching design techniques in the industry. Here’s a video that shows you how design like Apple and come up with similar revolutionary design ideas.

Episode 16 – How to Design Like Apple from Minute MBA by on Vimeo.

Gary Graf: Spike turns to his animal brethren for this installment. A clever, attention-getting story about teaching dogs to drive with a rather “smart” appeal from the Auckland SPCA. The only question remains: Do they stop for cats?

Kristen Roe: One of the hardest parts of a BtoB Marketer’s job is deciding when to schedule emails to potential clients. Perhaps this cheat sheet can provide a little insight into when the best time is to reach your desired audience.

Tiffany Stone: “A Day Made of Glass” shows viewers what the world could be like in a matter of years. The excitement it builds around having a clean and wireless world is a great way to persuade potential clients and business partners to invest in the technology that could create such a universe.

Lea Loya: Forrester has been analyzing their B2B Marketing Tactics Survey results for 2012, Q4. This article shows some of their surprising conclusions and results.

Patty Marr: With the rise of Twitter in the B2B sphere, many marketers are having trouble summing up their messages to only 140 characters. Here are some tips to make your messages powerful but within Twitter’s parameters.

Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 55

November 2nd, 2012

The Spikesters had a busy week this week, and are preparing for very busy months ahead! As we have been helping our clients plan their marketing efforts for 2013, some of the Spikesters came across great articles and infographics to share this week.

Gary: Many people see business-to-business as an entirely different world than business to consumer. However, some of the business-to-consumer marketing practices can be helpful for B2B marketers, as well. Here is a list of the five best-practices that B2B companies can learn from business-to-consumer focused companies.

Martin: Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into designing a logo. It might just be the most challenging work a designer does . . . unless you work for Google and need a logo for Gmail. This is certainly not how we approach brand development at Hodgson/Meyers!

Rachel: As we develop campaign microsites for our clients, we are always looking at customizing the site to make it more relevant for prospects. This article on the Top 10 Best Practices really hones in on what we recommend to our clients for best practices in microsite development and lead generation.

Christian: One of the most valuable tools B2B marketers have in their belt is their network of peers. Learning from one another is invaluable for discussing strategy, creative and marketing tools. Marketo has created its own Marketing Nation to make this networking process simpler. Within this network, marketers are connected with other marketers by the sharing of best practices and pre-built programs.

Lea: LinkedIn is quickly becoming more important to B2B marketers with Pay-Per-Click ads that are relatively new to the advertizing world. This article outlines why businesses should start considering LinkedIn ads for reaching out to prospects.

Patty: Marketers never like to miss the opportunity to do something special for the holidays. Here are some examples of playful Halloween campaigns that show companies having fun with the holidays.

Kristen: Many people only know Siri as the iPhone app that gives sarcastic answers to equally sarcastic questions asked by clever users. However, many use Siri as they would Google – as a search engine. While Google is still the number one search engine for iPhone users, Siri and other search apps are changing the SEO landscape for search marketers.



Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 53

September 21st, 2012

The Hodgson/Meyers team has been focusing on social media and creativity, and have some articles showing great video marketing, social media outreach and web design to share.

Martin: Web designers are a huge part of B2B advertising, since the marketing world is turning more towards online outreach to clients and consumers. Here’s a really nice tool for web designers that makes their lives easier – not to mention a cool-lookin’ site!

Christian: The internet gets a bad rap these days with all kinds of talk about the detrimental side effects of fast information, depersonalization and bad grammar. However, marketers and everyone else in general should give the Web a break and look at all the good things we’ve been given.

Charlie: Here’s a stunning web design that pushes the envelope for a government agency. Is it brilliant because it’s so different?  Or does its unconventionality get in the way of user experience? See what you think.

Kristen: Often times, B2B marketing gets pushed to the sidelines as many people focus on consumer marketing. It doesn’t have to be that way! Use these five questions as a way to transform your B2B creative.

Rachel: This new interactive ad for the up-and-coming James Bond movie really grabs users’ attention. You can log in with Facebook and experience a few minutes of under-cover-spy work while you try to crack the code on a briefcase. The end of the ad takes you to the Heineken Facebook page – a pretty direct way to involve consumers with social media marketing.

Patty: Many companies are working towards integrating social media into their daily marketing routine. This article outlines the three stages that social media goes through when companies adopt it.

Tiffany: xCELLigence‘s heavy metal tribute to “Little Cells” uses video marketing to entertain, engage and inform customers of their business.

Lea: Usually a high profile player injury coupled with a lucrative sneaker contract spells career end. But Derrick Rose and Adidas has turned this scenario on it’s ear. How? Great videos on YouTube and use of social media. Inspiring  campaign from Adidas on his training, his love of the game and ultimately, his anticipated comeback. Here’s a good article from Mashable and the first of the three webisodes on his journey back from his injury.

Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 51

August 24th, 2012

It cooled down in Seattle this week, but Spikesters heated it up with some B2B news and insights. This week, read about re-branding (both new and old), tips on how to engage audiences through a Facebook post and a new email app that could change the email process for good.

Rachel: Some brands have been around for ages. Their logos, however, have disappeared or changed with the times. Compare the before and after of some of the biggest companies’ logos throughout the years.

Kristen: Many companies are still struggling to create an effective Facebook page, let alone the perfect post. Jenny Burnham has created the template for the perfect Facebook Post – explaining how to best engage audiences, include photos and videos and call followers to action.

Gary: Xerox has done it again – they created the Direct Mail Package of the Week. Their DM piece is three dimensional and includes a personalized URL and a QR code. Xerox really took advantage of their tools to involve and engage their customers with this all-inclusive package.

Martin: As a B2B agency, we use our email system religiously. This new email app takes away the “Mark as Read” function and includes an ActionStep feature. Instead of simply checking off a task, emails can be categorized in order of importance, completeness and complexity. The website promoting the new app is also well put-together for those who enjoy looking at web-design.

Christian: Responsive websites are becoming the new fad in B2B online marketing. Mobile devices make it necessary for companies to develop webpages that not only work for computers, but for cell phones and tablets as well. Here is an article about the argument surrounding the issue – what are your thoughts?

Patty: Microsoft, one of the most-recognized companies and logos in the world, released their new logo on Thursday. It’s a bit cleaner, more modern and still holds a lot of the elements from their old logo. Top brand designers from around the country weigh in on the pros and cons of the new look, discussing the simplicity and the differences added to the logo.

Tiffany: Green Data Center Man is just one in a series of great ads for energy-saving solutions. This is a B2B advertizing video done right: witty, professional-looking and relevant.

Spike Likes Fridays Vol. 47

June 29th, 2012

While the rest of the nation is experiencing a massive heat wave, Spikesters found themselves in a normal Seattle summer of rain and clouds. However, they cheered themselves up with B2B related articles and advertizing examples. Nothing cures the rainy-day blues like some good old Business to Business news!

Christian – Less is more for these brands, who are focusing toward minimalism in their brand logos. They are finding that sometimes, fewer distractions on a logo make the company more recognizable and more powerful.

Rachel – B2B businesses are catching onto the mobile-site train! Many businesses are transitioning their websites to be available and functional through mobile phones and tablets as well as traditional computers.

Chris – Marketing commercial ice machines sounds boring you say? Think again. Here‘s a good example of B2B creative that goes above and beyond with video, contests, social, and user-generated content. Just say “no” to boring B2B creative.

Tiffany – Peter Jones BT Business makes the office gremlin a real problem with this clever commercial. Gremlins run amok through the office whilst the employee has to endure the problems they create. If only he’d known of BT’s communications support.

Patty – This commercial combines several of my favorite things: John Cleese, silly names and B2B advertising. A hilarious example of companies using humor to get their point across.

Willem – BMW Eclipse is the latest advertisement of the famous car brand produced by The Mill. Visually stunning, this one-minute spot based around an eclipse with this talent. A very successful video to discover in the sequel.

Jason – B2B marketing is everywhere. Even in space. SpaceX has teamed up with Bigelow Aerospace to launch an international marketing effort. In space. We can’t stress that enough. Space shuttle companies in the private sector will be able to launch into space and link up with Bigelow’s inflatable space habitat.

Charlie – This video shows viral marketing at its best. Taking from the “bullet going through objects in slow motion” concept, BMW replaced the bullet with their new M5 car. With fantastic results.

Martin – Here‘s a site I found while I was researching responsive design (here‘s an explanation of responsive design) which is really the future of web design. Nice clean look and a good example of responsive design:

Gary – Spike Likes GE’s use of augmented reality to tout the power of the Smart Grid.

Tim – Check out this unconventional, and effective, approach for an anti-smoking campaign.

Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 43

May 4th, 2012

It’s the beginning of a new month and Spikesters found examples of the blooming use of various social media forums in B2B martketing.

Rachel – It seems like everyone is interested in Pinterest these days- from collecting fashion ideas to planning weddings. But how can Pinterest be used for B2B? The Wall Street Journal is using Pinterest to collect infographics, technology coverage, and more on their pin boards. General Electric is using their account to collect images of some of their greatest creations. How can you use Pinterest for B2B? Here are some ideas.

Chris – Interesting article and statistics on B2B marketing and integration vs. B2C.

Kristen – Target delivers the “boutique experience”  in new The Shops at Target campaign.

Christian – The best advertising is that which stands out amongst the masses. Here are some brochure designs that businesses used to showcase their creative skills.

Martin – Here’s a video made by an agency called Doremus in New York for Corning called “A Day Made of Glass” to demonstrate the role of glass in developing products for the future. The only thing I don’t like about it is it make my iPhone feel like an old piece of junk.

Also, this one is a few years old, but I love the execution of it. Very Clever.

Gary – As B2B businesses move with the rest of the world into the land of social media, they might benefit from some essential advice on how to manage their public profiles.

Patty – The conversion to Timeline was an upheaval for many loyal Facebook users. However, these businesses used the design to their advantage and came up with the 10 best B2B Timeline Covers. Our very own client, Fluke Corporation, is featured.

Charlie – IKEA takes space-saving seriously. And to prove it, they’ve created the World’s Tiniest IKEA Store.

Spike Likes Fridays, Vol 42

April 20th, 2012

Though it was a busy week, the Spikesters still found time to find some new, innovative campaigns along with some promising statistics regarding the future of B2B marketing and interactive media.

Kristen – Mohawk unveils new logo and unique brand vision animation.

Gary – While extremely partial to all things Macintosh, Spike is interested in the fact that Microsoft plans to take a big bite out of Apple.

Rachel – It’s always interesting to see how marketing budgets are changing each year. eMarketer projects that in the U.S. market, advertisers will increase video ad spend by 54.7 percent and increase investment in standard banners by nearly 20 percent. Research shows that people exposed to banners that included online video were about 5.6 times as likely to visit a marketer’s site as those exposed to standard banners. It will be interesting to see how online advertising changes this year, in light of these projections.

Martin – Here’s an interesting site for an architectural firm in Poland. I don’t usually like sites that have strange navigation, but for the kind of firm they are and the execution, I think this one really works.

Tiffany – Cool awareness campaign mixing the new with the old…

Patty – As a youngster, it’s really interesting to see businesses creep into the social media world (or vice versa). It looks like even B2B marketers are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and Pinterest.

Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 37

January 27th, 2012

Christian: Though the National Novel Writing Month (November) has come and gone this article is great for those of you wishing to get your creativity out on paper (or screen) and to Harness the Mental, Creative, and Emotional Benefits of Regular Writing.

Rachel: For all those creative folks who appreciate Apple’s incredible product packaging, watch this video about how closely Apple considers every detail:

The great surfer Kelly Slater said “witnessing this was a draining feeling being terrified for other people’s lives all day long, it’s life or death. Letting go of that rope one time can change your life and not many people will ever experience that in their life.”

BIGGEST TEAHUPOO EVER from UnFuzzy on Vimeo.

Gary G: Spike likes The Royal Room in Columbia City, especially when the Polyrhythmics are rockin’ the house. Check ‘em out on YouTube:

Kristen: Get your DNA as art!

Natasha: Adding some color to your house makes it beautiful and more unique . Check out these “Amazingly Colorful Homes“! These are my favorite ones located in Riomaggiore, Italy:

Spike Likes: Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2011

Gary M: My favorite food during Thanksgiving is fresh cranberry sauce!

My Spike Like this week is …….HAND TURKEYS!!!! ‘Nough said!

Kristen: This year, I’ll be sparing a turkey and eating Turk’y instead!

Rachel: Are you looking for a change from that same old pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving? Try this delicious Apple Spice Cake instead!

Natasha: Side dishes are my favorite foods at Thanksgiving, and my favorite one to make has always been yams with marshmallows on top! I remember making designs with the marshmallows on top of the casserole dish as a little kid, it was my favorite part (and of course being allowed to eat marshmallows during dinner time was also a plus)!

Sharan: My favorite part about Thanksgiving is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

Chris: There are many things to be thankful for this holiday season…one of which is the fact that I get to work with an amazing group of extremely talented people at Hodgson/Meyers! Happy Thanksgiving spikesters!