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Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 30

September 9th, 2011

As Summer is coming to an end, Spikesters share their likes of the week!

Kristen: Test your eye for color with this game. It’s harder than it looks!

Tim: Love this video. A beautiful blend of content and artistry. Not to mention jaw-dropping stunts.

Rachel: Excited to go to the Puyallup Fair this weekend!

Natasha: Next time you think about hitting your snooze button

Willem: RETAIL RENAISSANCE | Smart retailers are defying doom and gloom scenarios, as they realize that shopping in the real world will forever satisfy consumers’ deep rooted needs for human contact, for instant gratification, for the promise of (shared) experiences, for telling stories. Hence the flurry of new formats, technologies, capabilities, and products that now are delighting retail customers around the world.

Tiffany: I’m not sure it’s science, but its definitely art!

Jason: 10th Anniversary 9-11 Memorial Stairclimb Seattle Firefighter

Charlie: Amazing, powerful and incredibly moving.

John: Football is back! I’m looking forward to a great season from the NY Jets.