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Spike Likes Fridays, Vol. 33

October 28th, 2011

Gary Meyers: With all the great harvest foods out there during Halloween time, my favorite food that I enjoy is pumpkin soup.

Gary: I can still picture my kids in their various costumes over the years: My daughter as a red crayon, a lady bug, a dalmatian puppy, a present, Snow White, a ballerina; my son as a construction worker, baseball player, Spider man, a character from the Tin Tin comics, a mummy. But my most favorite memory is, after making the rounds with the kids, getting home out of the inevitable wind, rain and fog that seems to haunt Seattle Halloween nights.

Rachel: In my search for some Spooky recipes, I came across these Chocolate Mice, Ghostly Lemon Cake Pops and, my favorite, Mini Spiced Pumpkins.

Willem: A chaotic look at the carving of a pumpkin.

The Carved Pumpkin from Paul Whittington on Vimeo.

Kristen: Saturday night I’ll be at The Oxford Saloon in Snohomish, famous for being haunted with 18 ghosts! Let’s hope I make it back to work on Monday :)

Tiffany: One thing I look forward to every year is a new Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode!
This year will make the 22nd episode in the Treehouse of Horror series, and for once it is airing BEFORE Halloween. :)

Natasha: It doesn’t have to be all scary treats for your waistline this Halloween. Try these Skinny Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting!! YUMM! Happy Halloween!

Erin: I love Halloween because its the time of the year that I can get my favorite candy: candy corn!

Jason: My favorite thing about Halloween is that it’s the only time of the year that people generally forget who they are and what they do for a living and try to recapture the honesty and fun of being a kid in a costume.

Spike Likes Fridays, Halloween 2010 Edition.

October 29th, 2010

Zombies. Jack O’Lanterns. Candy corns. And Frankenwiener dogs. It can only be one thing. The Halloween Edition of Spike’s Likes. No tricks. Just treats.

Spike: Jack-o’-lanterns. But Spike-o’-lanterns are better.

Rachel Omiliak: Oregon Trail, Zombie Edition. Now called Organ Trail. Also, Zombie iPhone Games.

Erin McNiff: I happen to have a weiner dog, named Frankfurter. Here he is in costume.

Robert Coats: Zombies invade Seattle and renew their vows. ZomBcom 2010 comes to Seattle and part of the festivities include a Wedding for one lucky undead couple and then a mass zombie renewal of vows for the currently wedded undead. Master of Ceremonies aka the Minister of the Dead will be none other than Bruce Campbell star of such hit movies as The Evil Dead,  Army Of Darkness, and the current hit TV show Burn Notice.

In other news, Sears reaches out to a new demographic to boost sales – Zombies.  The new branding includes the slogan ” Afterlife. Well spent.” And it uses zombie models to help market products.

Sharan Ochsner: My dog, Moose, as a yellow submarine.

Gary Meyers: Do you love candy corn?

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