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Hodgson/Meyers’ New Employees: Dachshunds, pelicans and piranhas, oh my.

August 12th, 2010

Recently two new members joined our crew on the good ship Hodgson/Meyers. Along with their marketing bona fides the pair bring with them unusual ties to the animal kingdom.

Seattle native Rachel Omiliak joins our team as an Online Marketing Specialist. A graduate of Santa Clara University, Rachel lends her expertise to all of our search optimization projects, including work for the Applied Systems, CSG Systems. Quaero, Meydenbauer Conference Center and QuickMedical accounts.

While in college, Rachel expanded her worldview through the Semester at Sea program, where she traveled to 11 countries in 108 days. Among her adventures during the trip were holding a crocodile, hugging a seal, being attacked by a pelican larger than most people and—get this—catching three piranhas while fishing the Amazon River in Brazil.

As for Gonzaga grad Erin McNiff, she comes to us from Cole & Weber United. While there she helped manage the Washington Lottery, Livingston Cellars and TiVo accounts. Among her many accomplishments was directing the Lottery’s Dream Agents campaign that broke sales records by $1 million dollars. As one of our project managers, Erin will bring her talents to the Clark Nuber, CSG Systems and ISIS accounts.

Erin’s animal connections? She finds that wrangling her long-haired mini-Dachshund is good training for keeping creative types on task. And having sung as a waitress at a Red Robin Restaurant, she may well have been destined to work for us. After all, our CEO is a woodpecker named Spike. And from red-breasted robin to red-crested woodpecker is not that far a flight.

While our clients are sure to appreciate Rachel and Erin’s contributions to the marketing cause, we feel secure in knowing that we’re in good hands should we ever be attacked by crocodiles, piranhas or wiener dogs.

What is good for the searcher is good for the search engine

October 21st, 2009

More than anything else, the key to success online comes down to one thing, relevancy.

The key to a keyword’s high quality score in PPC? Relevancy.
The key to a landing page’s high conversion rate? Relevancy.
The key to an ad’s high click through rate? Relevancy
The key to a listing’s high position in the search results? Relevancy.

Relevancy is the key to ALL online marketing –– but particularly so to SEO.

Let’s take a look at how relevancy plays an influential part in SEO:
End-users want to find relevant content when they type a search query into the search engine. In turn, the search engine wants to provide relevant results to that search. If you want your website to be found in those search results, your website must be relevant.

Most people think solely of keywords when they think of relevancy but relevancy is so much more than just matching keywords.

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Study Shows Strong Correlation between Search Marketing and Social Media

October 8th, 2009

GroupM Search and comScore, Inc., a leader in digital marketing intelligence, recently released a study demonstrating the strong correlation between a brand’s social media exposure and users’ engagement with their paid search ads.

Essentially, the two key findings are:

1. Users exposed to both distributed social marketing content AND paid search are nearly three times more likely to search for that brand’s products compared to users who only saw paid search.

2. In organic search, consumers searching on brand product terms who were exposed to their social media marketing are 2.4 times more likely to click on organic links than the average user who only saw that brand’s paid search ad.
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Search Strategist Robert Coats Featured in BtoB Magazine

September 24th, 2009

Our own Senior Search Strategist Robert Coats was recently featured in an article on search marketing in BtoB Magazine.

Robert offered some expert insights into prospects’ search behavior, campaign structure, and lead gen:

“There are so many things you can do with search as a lead-gen tool, and a thousand ways to approach it,” Coats said. “The key is, it’s not so much how you want to be found as how your prospects are searching. It’s understanding psychology, and human nature and how people begin their searches around issues they’re trying to resolve.”

Read the full article here: Search as Lead Gen

Great work, Robert.

Gary Meyers